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CISSP value vs. security industry growth

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A Career in IT Security

July 26th, 2010 Comments off

Looks like all the security pros just get bored after a while.  I think it’s like this in most IT professions.  If you don’t let us geeks have new things to play with, provide us with training to try to keep up with this stuff and let us do our own thing some times, we will get bored.  How much of a pay cut is it worth to stay for training?  I know it would be worth some for good training.  I believe Google has a policy to allow employees to work on something they want to work on 20% of their work time.  I also believe I’ve heard that the 20% is where most of the cool new products some from.  Us geeks are a strange breed!

Security Pros Feel Underpaid, But In Some Cases Would Take A Pay Cut – DarkReading.

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IT Career Burnout: What To Do When the Thrill is Gone

June 14th, 2010 1 comment article worth reading I thought even if you aren’t there yet!

IT Career Burnout: What To Do When the Thrill is Gone – – Business Technology Leadership.

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